Hi everyone, Nice to meet you!
Let call me James!

Kanin Kearpimy, Thailand

I'm Software Engineer who passionate in building digital platform, data pipeline, and resolving social issue. I spent most of time to develop web-platform with React | Vue for frontend and Python | PHP | Nodejs for backend. I also interested in machine learning and AI, strong communication and presentation skills. Social impact and community building are another addicted to me.

#javascript#typescript#php#python#nodejs#html/css#system design#consulting#communication#facilitation

Experience & Work

  • Developer Consultant
  • Full-Stack Developer (Intern)
  • Technical Evangelist (Student Program)
  • Full Stack Developer

Developer Consultant @Thoughtworks

July 2021 - Present
  • Developed an online bike e-commerce platform by React and Java (sprint framework).
  • Facilitated Event-Storming (domain-driven design) workshop for 30 participants of the tech-agriculture company.
  • Involving in the working team to transform Monoliths codebase into Microservice by applying domain-driven design with NextJS and NestJS.
  • Initiated Frontend testing by Jest and React Testing Library with an agricultural data company.
  • Implemented Outbox pattern by recurring serverless (AMS Lambda).


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